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Buffy - A New Dawn | Nakur | 3


Spike! The tingling sensation had returned to her crotch again, like always when she saw the handsome vampire, turned Slayeraid. Dawn thought her big sister always treated him bad, he was good now wasn’t he. Well sort of, at least he was always ready to help her. She couldn’t say the same about Buffy. She was always too busy for her. Fucking Riley probably, she thought.

Now it was her time. She licked her lips. Ran her small hands over the luscious curves of her body. Not completely satisfied she wished her breasts one cupsize bigger. Dawn now nearly bursted out of her sexy top and her stiff nipples now were clearly visible through the thin fabric. She knew for sure she was gonna loose her virginity today. Dawn wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

‘Niblet are you there? The slayer send me to look after you, seems she has to deal with some new demon or whatever.’
Dawn looked behind her. Her room was still somewhat girlish but she wanted Spike to fuck her on her own bed. So she wished her room a bit more goth, nothing serious but there sure was no more pink to be found anywhere and all her dolls had disappeared.
‘I’m here Spike, could you come up, I need some help with something.’

Not waiting for an answer dawn jumped unto her bed. She spread her legs wide. Her hand quickly found itself in her black thong. Dawn started to finger her pussy feverishly, anticipating the moment that Spikes hands and cock would replace her own fingers.

Her heart started to race as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Spike came in her room and stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes fell on Dawns hot altered body, the fingering and the look of lust that the slayers little sister gave him openly.


What does Spike do with this open invitation



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