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Gal Pals | Nakur | 2


Mandy dove in a passionate French-kiss. Their tongues darted en their mouths. Making Britney feel even hotter than she did before. Her clothes as skimpy as they may have been felt constricting to her now. Without removing her lips from Mandy’s Britney started to unbutton her pants. Freeing her gorgeous ass from their prison. She wore a black thong, that looked so incredibly hot on her. She already started to grind her wet pussy on Mandy Moore beautiful body before she had even pulled the thong down.
Loving the way Britney looked, Mandy broke the long kiss and swiftly pulled Britney’s top up. Britney didn’t ware a bra, so Mandy kept the top over the young popstar’s head so she could silently admire Britney’s amazing body. The curves of her hips, her firm ass and supersexy tits.
When Britney couldn’t wait any longer she took the top all of herself, so she was finally completely naked. Now all she wanted was that her hot colleague did the same.


What does Mandy Moore do, now she has Britney completly naked


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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