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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 14


flashes you a hurt look, then looks down to the redhead on all fours before you. Your childhood friend kneels down to come face to face with Gina, who still has her mouth full of your swollen cock.

You see her scowl at the girl, then reach out to grab a fistful of auburn hair.

Gina squints, opening her mouth wide as her face is turned towards the angry girl. Your cock is freed, bobbing unsatisfied in the humid shower room air. Gina grimaces in pain as yanks on her hair as she yells at her.

"You cow-titted slut! I told you about my friend starting here today, and you worm your way in anyhow!" the blonde growls.

It's your jaw that drops this time. You didn't think thought of you in that way!

You and Gina see the hurt in her blue-grey eyes. But Gina tries to use it to her advantage, seeing it as a weakness.

Her grimace turns into a wicked smile as she begins to retort, "All's fair..."

"Shut up!" screams, yanking Gina hard by the hair as she straightens back up, tossing her backwards.

The voluptuous redhead slides through the tiled puddles in the showers, glaring back at your childhood chum.

"You bitch!" curses Gina back.

"FIGHT!! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!" chants the crowd of naked girls surrounding the three of you. You wonder what will happen next.


What will happen? Who will win?


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