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Buffy- Andrew | Nakur | 6


Dawns hot little body bucked wild as an orgasm more powerfull than she ever gave herself racked through her body. She couldn't believe Andrew could have made her feel this way. She lay there naked panting.
Andrew looked at her, at the sweat glistening on her perfect breasts and on her flat stomach, at the contend smile she gave him, at her shapely legs dangling over the bed and mostly at her tight pussy wondering how it would feel to finaly fuck, and such a hot little girl at that.

Dawn sat up, looking at Andrews cock, she had to make him feel the same way, he deserved it. She had never given a blowjob before but had long since immagened doing all the dirty things, first to Xander then to Spike. Now she was finaly gonna do it to Andrews pretty nice cock. It was curtenly ready for it. The hard shaft pointed right at her face. Before Andrew knew what was going on, Dawn gently licked the head of it.

Andrew was in heaven, especially since Dawn seemed to like what she tasted. Her hot lips started to engulf his penis. Her head was bobbing up and down like crazy, her tung rolling around making him feel beter than his hand ever did. Soon he was spraying cum all over Dawns not so innocent face.


What does Dawn do now she's covered in cum?


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