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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 5


*based on a thread by ironnick*

picks up your underwear and puts it in her desk drawer. "You can put your pants back on" she says.

You put your trousers on, just glad to be covered up again. You are about to do up your fly when shouts "Stop!". You stop immediately and look at her.

"I want you to leave your fly wide open when you go back to work." she says "When someone points out your fly is wide open, you are to act shocked and embarrassed. You should act like your fly is stuck and you can't pull the fly up and ask a female co-worker to do it for you.

"But...but.." you start to protest.

interupts you, "And if I was you, I'd try not to get too excited..." She runs her hand between your legs "...or you might just pop out"

You turn and prepare to leave the room before thinks up something to make it even worse.


Where do you head to?

          Long journey to your office


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