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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 9


*Original thread written by ironnick*

"Who's your best friend at work, ?" you ask.

"Rebecca" she says.

"Oh, yeah, that cute blonde in personel. Well, guess what. We're going to play 'Candid Camera.' All next week you are going to video tape yourself playing pranks on her. I want you to put my cum in her food or in her coffee. You must make sure she does not suspect you, so be extra sneaky. I want to be there to see it or otherwise you must hide a camera in her office and make sure you tape yourself doing any of your pranks. You don't, and the whole office gets to see what kind of slut you are. Also any time you are around her, flirt with her. Tell her how cute her ass looks or how perky her breasts look. Play with her thick, blonde hair. I want that on film too."


Does she go for it?


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