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Halloween in Sunnydale with Buffy and her friends | Nakur | 2


Even though Willow now wasn't a shy goody two shoe anymore she still wanted to find out if Xander really never thought of her sexually. Her old time friend and unrequited love of her life. She quickly went on to find him. And so she did. But not the slightly geeky boy she knew and loved but a strapping and very assertive soldier. That did it for the slutty Willow, if she couldn't have sex with him she was gonna have sex as him.
With a jump she was in the body of her best friend. She was quietly surprised about the size of his manhood. She had to use this tool on as many girls as possible. She felt strangely excited about the thought of fucking girls. Must be Xanders hormones she thought absentmindedly when she went on a search for a girl. Not to her surprise his mind was filled with sexthoughts about Buffy. But also about pretty much every beautiful girl. Even Cordelia she found out with a shock.
At first she couldn't believe it but then it gave her a wicked idea. Let the geek have a orgy with the populair girls. Cordelia, Harmony and the entire gang. She was sure she could make it happen. Maybe she could even find someone with a camera to record everything for when Cordelia was normal again. She quickly went on in search of the populair girls.


Does she find Cordelia or someone else?

          A wigged out Cordelia



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