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Halloween in Sunnydale with Buffy and her friends | Nakur | 2


Willow quickly went on her way to find her good friend Buffy. She found her wondering aimlesly through the streets, hiding everytime those minimonsters came into sight. Willows keen mind immediately figured out what was wrong with the slayer.
'So Buffy is transformed in a 18th century Lady. It's almost too easy to find out what her inner most sexual desires are. Well I guess I'll just posess her for fun than.' Willows translucend body jumped into Buffy's solid one. Her mind was now controlling the slayers body. All what was on the slayers mind was Angel. Angel, Angel, Angel. How she'd ride him all night giving him pleasure he never felt. It would have made the ghost sick, if Willow didn't find the broody vampire so sexy herself.
Willow licked Buffy's lips with Buffy's tung. Tasting the strawberryflavoured lips of the Slayer. She ran her possesed hands over her musculair but surprisingly soft hips and cupped the slayers firm tits. Willow found herself getting unexpectedly aroused. These feelings came to her as a surprise but it opened a whole new set of doors. She could also posses someone else to act out these sexual fantasies.


Will Willow posses Angel or does she stay inside Buffy

          Stay with Buffy

          Use Buffy from the outside


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