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Adventures With Mom (Part I) | brevdravis | 9


Looking down at her prone, unconcious body, the urge to slip inside her is incredible. Rapidly, you slide her miniskirt up, revealing her cotton panties. You tug them to the side as you rapidly stroke your cock. You mom moans softly, apparently about ready to come around.

Desperate to consummate the sex act you push her legs apart and hook her panties to the side. You guide your cock up to her gorgeous bush, slipping it up and down against her slit. The come still present on your cock lubricates her lips slightly, and makes them begin to part.

Your mothers eyes begin to flutter as you lower yourself, your cock pressing into her body. She looks up, confused as you push in, deeper and deeper into the hot confines of her body. Damn, she's tight!

"What are you doing?" Your mother asks, blearily, before she stares downward at your cock inside her. "Oh, my god! You're fucking me!"

You moan, pushing yourself as deeply as possible into your mothers tight little pussy. It feels so good, wrapped around your cock like a glove. You grind your hips against your mothers, as you smile into her face.

"So good..." You gasp, sliding your hands down to pull on her hips.

"NO! STOP!" Your mother groans, pushing her hands against your chest. "This is so wrong!"

"Don't want to..." You groan, pushing yourself out slightly, then plunging back into her depths. Feeling her pussy contract around your cock is like heaven.

"This is INCEST!" Your mother pushes harder against your chest, trying to get you off her. "And you're not wearing a condom! STOP!"

"If I wore a condom, would you let me?" You grin into her face, your hips moving in the classic rythm.

"NO!" She screams, bucking her hips. Although it was an attempt to get you off her, it just makes the whole experience feel even better. A bit of guilt runs through you and you consider stopping.


Listen to her, or make this a full on Rape?

          Keep going.

          Don't stop now.


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