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Aaralon's Discoveries | brevdravis | 8


Aaralon rubbed his throbbing cock up and down against the wet slit of the succubus. With his rival a few feet away, losing his soul to carelessness, the feeling of superiority and pride was almost intoxicating.

With a grin, he pushed his member inside the grasping flesh of Xaurian. She hummed against the cock she was draining, as Aaralon felt her pussy clasping him. It was unworldly. It felt not like his cock was going into a woman, but possessing her totally. Xaurian's pussy clasped every centimeter of his erection, squeezing and clutching with a control that no mortal woman could ever possess. It was all that Aaralon could do to avoid coming instantly.

Briefly he realized that this was yet another enchantment of the succubus. Her pussy, so perfect, would no doubt bring him to erection again instantly if he came. And again. And again. Watching his hated rivals eye's turn completly black, he felt his own hands clasping Xaurian's hips as he began to slide himself in and out of the enchanted sweetness.

A moment or two after Aaralon began, Gahalf finally had had enough. He slumped to the floor, his body not twitching. He didn't move, but Aaralon scarecly noticed that in the midst of his mating.

"Mmmmm, Oh yes, fuck me master... Give me your soul..." Xaurian moaned, arching her back. With a supernatural agility she somehow managed to flip her leg around so that she was face to face with Aaralon, the two of them now fucking standing up.

Aaralon grinned into the face of the succubus, releasing her momentarily, to give her a hard smack on the ass.

"Now, stop that. You've already had your soul today." Aaralon admonished, picking up the pace of the fucking. He still could not believe how close he had come to orgasm, and yet was unable to reach it.

"Can't come huh?" Xaurian grinned before kissing Aaralon gently on the lips. "Too bad you're so well protected."

"I don't understand." Aaralon moaned in frustration. Being held like this at the edge of orgasm was driving him nearly insane.

"Poor boy. That little talisman you wear prevents you from giving me any of your soul." Xaurian smirked, rocking her hips against Aaralon tortuously.

"Any of my soul?" Aaralon groaned, thrusting as fast as he could. He still couldn't reach orgasm, despite the throbbing throughout his entire member.

"When you come, you give your partner an insignificant portion of your sould, silly boy." Xaurian rolled her head as she explained, her hands running along Aaralon's back exquisitely. "It's just enough soul to create a new soul with a woman."

Aaralon realized that the amulet was protecting him to the point that he couldn't give away any of his soul to the succubus. Even an insignificant portion was too much. The urge to remove the talisman and to experience that orgasm was incredible.


Remove the talisman, or stop fucking?

          Stop fucking

          Remove the Talisman.


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