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Francis Wild Day | KindMaster | 6


Francis grinned. "Being a genie must be cool. All that magical power and stuff." He oogled the genie. "I wish I could grant myself, and anyone else, wishes."

The genie shook her head. "I can't givbe you unlimited wishes. The limit will be one per person, other than you."
He nodded. "Okay. How many do I get?"
"One a day. Just Clap your hands, and speak the wish."
He grabbed the sexy genie, hugged her tight and kissed her. "Do you want me to grant YOU a wish?"
She stared. "What? No one has ever offered ME a wish." Francis smiled, and kissed down her throat. "And you have one more..." She blushed. "Do you have a foot long steel pipe in your pants?" Her hand stroked the foot long lump in his jeans.

Shaking his head, Francis stepped back, and unzipped his fly to show her his cock. Hugging the sexy busty genie had got him hard, and it jumped out like a flagpole. The genie straed at it, eyes bright and licking her lips.


You have a wish, she had a wish, or you could just fuck


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