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Away for the week | KindMaster | 12


My dreams were an endless whirlwind of mouths and cocks, which I knew were all my father's and brother's. Somehow, those two bullcocks were screwing my mouth, arse and pussy, while those two mouths sucked my nipples and each others balls.

This endless incestous sex was disturbed by an odd mewing and moaning.
I woke, to see pre-dawn light coming through the window. I was naked, lying next to my brother, who was half-asleep with my left hand on my left tit. He was mewing in pleasure.

Looking down, I saw a huge mound under the blankets, and realsied our father was under the sheets, his head probably near my brother's groin. Crawling down under the blankets, I found our father gently sucking on my brother's big tasty cock. He paused, and murmured, "You can lick his balls, honey."

I nodded, and like a good daughter did as daddy told me. After a few minutes working on my brother, as his moans grew louder, we swapped. We worked on him as he woke fully, and his thick log was about to shoot a load of cum.


Is my brother bi? Who gets his cum? Me or Daddy's?


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