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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 13


You know that and the rest of your new, and very female, classmates will be entering the shower stalls very shortly to wash the pool chemicals from their skin before they head to their next classes.

You don't want to be found like this, but at the same time, you don't want the exquisite vaccuuming sensations created by the busty beauty on her knees before you to stop before you blow your load for the second time this period.

You look down to Gina, seeing her eyes on you as she holds your cock by the base as she hums along your length. Then, her eyes are averted to the noise just beyond the tiled walls. The laughter and giggling of the nude swim class quickly subsides when the dozen or more girls entering the stalls see what is going on under the shower spray.

You can do nothing but watch the girls as they stare and point as Gina continues her suctioning on your teen hardon. The group seems to part like the Red Sea and a familiar face appears.

You try to read the expression on 's face as she makes eye contact with both you and the busty redhead before you.

Still unsure of what to expect from her, you see your childhood friend step closer.


What will she do?

          Grabs Gina in anger



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