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Away for the week | KindMaster | 11


My brother smiles, stroking his huge cock. "I'll be hard again, and we can..." He smiles at me. He doesn't notice that dad is looking hungrily at that cock.
I shrug. "We have plenty of time, but if you want, daddy, you can..." I rub my arse, wanting Daddy to fuck that. His beautiful cock has been in my mouth and pussy, so my arse makes a weird incestous sense.
I stop myself, horrified at how unoffended I am that my father wants to screw me. Worse, I'm comfortable with screwing my brother and father. No, not just comfortable, I lust for their cocks like no-one elses.
Worse, I'm jealous of the way daddy is still looking at my brother's cock. "No, let's let daddy have some rest. So in the morning you'll both be ready to fuck until we can't stand."
My brother sighs, "okay."

Daddy gently takes hold of my hand, and my brother's semi-hard cock, and leads us to his gourposter bed. The sight of it, and the idea of being tied down on it by my brother, makes me hot again.

Climbing into bed, we settle down in a heap of sweaty flesh. Once the light is out, I feel one of their hands on each tits. To return the favour, I reach for both their cocks. Their is already a hand on my brother's cock. I wonder is it his or daddy's?
Drifting into a deep sleep, I dream of what we'll do tomorrow.


Who wakes first, and what do they want to do?

          I wake to the sound of dad sucking my brother


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