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My Sister the Maid | KindMaster | 6


The stranger, whose face she'd never seen, left.
Hearing the door close behind him, Penny assumed she was alone. Until a voice said, "I wish they'd used me like that." She heard bare feet cross the wooden floor, to the rug. "Sweet Susie-bear, they got me so hot, can you..." The high girlish voice trailed off.
She heard the sound of a long lingering kiss. Then a deeper voice replied, "IF you want, Candy. But we have a new tongue here, in the horse."
The first voice, Candy, giggled. "Oh, yes. Mmmm." Penny heard someone run to stand near her head. "But only if you don't want her first, Susie."
"Go ahead. Then she can eat me, then you can eat me, or her, then she can..." Susie laughed.
A small blonde walked into Penny's view of view. She was naked except for an apron and a dog collar, with pierced nipples and a shaved pussy.
The blonde Candy leaned down. "Hi, new girl. Do you like eating pussy?" She kissed Penny, stopping her answering. A soft wet kiss, which Penny wished she could pull away from. After what seemed like an hour for tongue-kissing, Candy pulled back. "Not that it matters, except for how much you like working for The Master, Miss Karen and Mistress Greta."
Penny's jaw dropped. She knew her brother had sex-slave-maids, but who were these two...
Perhaps misinterpreting Penny's open mouth, Candy giggled and pushed her shaved pussy against Penny's mouth. Recovering, Penny closed her mouth, aware of the taste of pussy on her tongue.


To eat Candy, or not? (Beg to BE eaten?)


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