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Stepping closer, he smiled. "Well, I'm not vanilla." He reached out, putting his hand on her shoulder. “What is a day tripper? I’m not famili-”
She tilted her head to the side, and rubbed her cheek on her hand. “First timer, and not vanilla? Nice.”
She gently took his wrist, and slide his hand off her shoulder and down across her silky skin. “Day trippers just come here for some fun, with no thought of taking a girl home. Some are married, or whatever. Most are just horny guys and girls.”
She realised his hand, and he moved it over to her small pink-nippled breast. “So, the other, who you are looking for, tell me about them?” He toyed with her breast.
“Hunters, they come with nets and paintball guns, to…” She frowned. “Well, to hunt. They either screw their prey and release her, or bring a leash.”
He pinched her nipple. “Is there another option?”
She smiled, moaning in pleasure. “Some people come here with a leash, to find some girl to take home as a pet.”


Which does he say he is?

          Looking for a pet

          His Actions Speak For Him


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