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Boyce Park | KindMaster | 2


He continued down the path, looking around.

Someone, a small redhead, dashed from the line of trees to his right. She seemed to be wearing nothing, and dashed away from him down the path, and then into a grove of trees to the left.

Quickening his pace, he headed down the path, and into the grove.

She was waiting for him, looking wild and free, naked and sexy. She reminded him of a nymph from mythology. Knowing that they were the source of the word ‘nymphomania’ he smiled.
The little nymph smiled back, and stepped closer. And she was little, a small naked woman, with small firm breasts and short red hair. Her movements were cat-like, and his eyes were drawn to her tanned thighs, and bald pussy.
Stopping two steps away, she studied him. “I don’t see a leash.” She had a high lilting voice, with a west coast accent. “Are you a day tripper?” She blushed. “You aren’t a vanilla, are you?”


What do you say?

          Ask what a day tripper is?


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