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Sleepwalker Family | KindMaster | 2


As she walked in, in turned on my reading lamp.

It was my sister Jenny, wearing almost nothing. With an odd smile, she closed the door and s she slipped out of her remaining piece of clothing.
I love all my sister's but this was the first time I'd seen any of them naked. My middle sister also has the best tits, smaller than her little sister, but firmer. And bigger than our oldest sister's tiny ones.
She murmured, "Oh, Freddy. Are you sure you and Sarah are separated?"

I stared at her, realising she was dreaming about Freddy Prinze Jr. She walked over to the bed.
Oh my god, she was sleep walking. I knew Dad used to, before we worked out it was caused by citrus scents. Jenny walked over to my bed, and pulled back my sheets.

Oh, I'd bought lemon-scented candles for their party. With dad away, I'd thought it was safe. But now jenny was pulling up my t-shirt, while she murmured to Freddy.
She pulled my t-shirt off. "So, my love, do you want me to suck you, before we fuck like animals?"

She started to pull off my shorts.


Do I send her away, fuck her or let her suck me?

          Suck me off


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