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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 8


*Original thread written by snake_eyes*

"After I have taken you shopping for your new wardrobe, you will wear those clothes until our bet is finished", you say.

You tell that she is going to have to call in to work and make-up a story about needing to come in late. Then she has to go shopping for her new clothes. For Monday, you order her to buy red, pink, blue and orange turtleneck sweaters and leather pants in red, black and two leather miniskirts in the same color... and every outfit she picks has to be skin-tight. She also has to buy 4 pairs of stilletto heeled shoes, in red, white, black and blue and a pair of black leather stilletto thigh high boots.

You order her to go to a kinky clothing store with you and buy three leather corsets and a paddle. You want your slave's waistline looking like an hourglass and her tits poking up and out!

Many ideas fill your head. You know that your female boss is into women, so you plan on offering up for some under-the-table pussy licking, and perhaps a good paddling. Maybe you could order her to praise you all day,everyday, and tell your co-workers how much she wants to fuck you, "but she doesn't know if she's worthy of your cock." Perhaps you will make her speak like a teenage Valley Girl or with a foreign accent and have everyone wondering "what the fuck is wrong with this woman?" You are having thoughts of her wearing glossy red "fuck me" lipstick and looking trashy, but hot as hell!

"What will I command my slave to do at work first?" you think to yourself, " panties for her this week, either!"


What do you have her do at work?

          Back at work


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