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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 7


*Original thread written by snake_eyes*

"Where do you think you're going?; I didn't give you permission to do anything, slave! Get your sweet little ass back here and down on your hands and knees... NOW!!" You say with a firm voice and slight grin. quickly gets back on her hands and knees and rushes as fast as she can back to your chair. She is steaming at the treatment she is having to endure.

", you look like you need to relax, and I think I know what will do the trick! You will finger your pussy on my command, while saying the words 'I am 's sex toy!' over and over, until you are about to climax. When that time comes, tell me so I can enjoy it with you."

begins fingering her tight pussy, over and over again, while saying out loud, "I am 's sex toy! I am 's sex toy!" She tries to resist being aroused, but it feels sooo good as she is doing it, she feels degraded but is getting more pleasure then she has gotten in a very long time. She is starting to moan very lightly as she is coming to a climax and says to you "Mmmmaster, mmm...uhhmmm...I'm.... about to... cli.. max...!"

At this moment, you stand up, look directly at and yell "Stop , you must stop right now!" looks startled, she stops and looks at you in shock, she is wondering what is wrong? Why have you stopped her at this point? "But ...did I do something wrong?"

You reach below your belt and grab a metal object "No , you didn't do anything wrong, your Master just doesn't feel you deserve to cum yet, you haven't earned it yet!; so now you must wear this chastity belt, and wait until I unlock it with the only key, when I feel you have earned it!"

cannot believe this! She was ready to orgasm and you have just taken it all away, but she has no choice, she has to obey you! puts the device on, you lock it, no one is getting near that pussy without the key that only you have. is spent, frustrated, humiliated and yet completely turned-on.

"My pet, don't look so frustrated, I have such a fun week planned for you at the office!" you say to the frustrated and horny babe. "Let me go through some of my plans for you, for fun... ha ha ha!" You laugh and begin to tell her of the week ahead.


What happens at the office or elsewhere?

          You think up possible ideas


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