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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | switch76 | 6


*Original thread written by snake_eyes*

"If, and I do mean 'if' you simply honor the terms of our bet, I'll let you have the tape, but you have to be my complete and utter sex slave... you are basically my bitch for the next seven days...and you can start by begging me to suck my cock! What do you think of that, ?"

She mumbles "I'll do whatever you want, "

"What, I don't think I heard you correctly; say it again, this time I want it to sound real!" you say to her as you glare at her with a look of disgust. "And you had better do it down where you belong."

looks angry but afraid to show it, she is being stripped of her dignity, yet somehow she feels a sensation stirring deep inside her. She is mildly enjoying this! She thinks to herself how wrong it is to feel any pleasure from this awkward and embarrassing position. She thinks to herself "I will not be turned-on by this... I will not be turned on by this!" but it is a hard internal fight to not be aroused!

gets down on her hands and knees and crawls to you. You reach down to the floor and pick-up the dog collar and leash. You bend down and put the dog collar around her neck, and fasten it into place without any resistance from .

"May I please please suck your cock, " she says submissively. You yank the leash hard, pulling close to you and say "Now , you have made your choice, you are mine for the next week... and I am going to enjoy every second of your service to me, what do you have to say about that my little slave?"

"Thank you, Master" says while looking down, wondering to herself what she could do to get out of this terrible mess, or if she really wants to? There is something erotic to her about being put in this situation, but she knows she shouldn't feel this turned-on, or should she?

You unzip your pants, pull down your boxers, point your finger directly at and then at your now throbbing rock-hard cock. crawls over to you, totally confused about why she is aroused and mad at the same time. "No playing around either, bitch, you had better suck my cock like the whore that you are!" She puts her lips around your cock, and starts to work her mouth up your shaft. She sucks-you-off like she is a professional hooker. She knows you have to be completely satisfied with her performance.

Just before you are about to shoot your load in her mouth, you push her mouth off of your cock, then quickly grab your member, and shoot your hot load all over 's gorgeous face and hair! looks worn-out and gets up to clean herself off.


What do you have her do next?

          Play with herself


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