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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 12


Hearing your moan of approval, Gina smiles gamely at you and eases herself to her dimpled knees in the shower stall.

Looking at your stiff, and freshly-shaven cock at eye level , she smiles and smooths her hand over it's base. Your showering has rid it of any of those 'nasty pubie' clippings your instructor was referring to.

"It's smooth as a baby's!" Gina coos admiringly as she feels the soft flesh above your hard cockshaft. You catch her glance as she looks up at you from her position on her knees. "..But definitely much bigger!" she adds with a mischievous grin as she tugs at the smooth skin covering your pole-like shaft.

"Let's see if it tastes any different, !" she adds, the shower water pattering on her face as she looks up at you.

You're stunned at the girl's take charge action. So stunned that you make no move to extract yourself from her clutches.

Your knees get weak as you watch her pouty lips separate and surround your cockhead. Her velvety tongue licks along the shaft's vein as she feeds the rest of your cock inside her mouth, all the while watching your reaction.

You lean against the tiled wall behind you as the busty redhead begins to suck your cock. You never expected your time at a new school to be like this!

You hear a bell and realize this class session must be over. Soon the other girls will be entering, as well as your childhood friend, . You look to Gina, who is still busily slurping away at your erection.


What should you do?

          Finish Quickly

          You freeze in place


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