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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 11


"That for me as well?" the button-nosed redhead asks as she slowly pads barefoot towards you, leaving the spray of the showerhead she cleaned herself under and joining you under yours.

You look in the direction of her gaze to see your erection has already returned. Glad to see she isn't upset by the big guy's interest, you drink in her teenaged beauty.

The water pounding down from above has darkened her hair and matted it against her head and back. You can see a smattering of freckles on her button nose, she stands so close before you. Your eyes end up, of course, on the incredible titties jiggling before you. You watch as her fingers come up to her stiff coral-colored nipples.

"You're welcome to touch them if you like!" she grins widely as she talks to you under the steamy spray. "I know how you guys obsess over them!" she adds, her nose wrinkling as she giggles lightly.

Her hands take your wrists and position your palms over the soft sacs of girlflesh.

"Mm, that's the way, baby!" Gina coos as you watch her eyes close. Her long lashes flutter as you gently knead the silky flesh.

After a few more long moments of titplay, she opens her eyes and gazes into yours.

"Y'know, , I've never been with a guy who was shaved down there!" she tells you as her hand finds the rock-hard, and hairless, shaft of your cock and massages the length.

You moan delightedly.


What does Gina offer?

          Oral love


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