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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 14


The three coeds froze in position inside the shower curtains of the tub. The fourth, Cathy, still lay on the bottom of the tub, snickering to herself. The trio recognized the insistent voice of Allison on the other side of the heavy wooden door.

"Hello? Who is in there all this time? There are others who would like to shower before class y'know!" the ebon miss on the other side of the door said, letting out a sigh as she stood in the hallway, wrapped in only a fluffy pink towel.

"What should we do?" asked Eric to no one in particular. "You know she'll freak if she comes in and finds us all together! She's just so hetero!" the more excitable of the flame-haired twins exclaimed in a verbal equivalent of hand-wringing.

The eldest of the twins (by a few minutes anyway) looked slyly at her sister, mulling over what she had just said.

"I'll tell you what were going to do, for now, anyway..." said the soaking wet Sam. "Nothing!"

Anita and Erica just stared at her through the steady shower spray like she was daft. Cathy merely giggled, asking "Is it ever going to stop raining?" as the shower hit her face and closed eyes.

Sam began to instruct her future classmates softly. "What I mean is... I have a plan..."

Eric rolled her emerald green eyes. 'That can only lead to mayhem!' she told herself from experience.

Samantha glowered at her sister, reading her look.

"Sis, you prop Cathy up before she drowns at the bottom of the tub.. and do try to keep her quiet!" Sam insisted, giving her fair-skinned sibling a little shove on the arm to get her going. "Anita, step up here with me, follow my lead," she smiled to the svelte brown-haired girl with the short-cropped hair of jet-black.

Anita looked at her questioningly, but stepped over to Sam, managing to avoid the tangled wet limbs of Cathy Martin and Eric.

"Maybe she'll go away if we don't answer!" offered the East Indian.

"Not bloody likely!" returned the redhead mere inches from her. " Shhh!" Sam tried to quiet the three, placing a finger to her wet puckered lips.

Those in the tub could hear Allison again on the other side of the door.

"Well, fuck! You could at least give me the courtesy of a reply! Who the hell's in here anyway?" asked Allison to herself before she turned the old door's knob and let herself in.

"Damn!" said the powerfully built young woman, taking in the humid bathroom, not hearing or seeing anything but the patter of the water hitting the porcelain of the old-fashioned clawfoot tub. "Dumb bitch left the water running!" Allison muttered as she approached the curtain encircling the tub. "And here I've been waiting all this time to get in!"

Miffed, the towel-clad coed quickly pulled the curtain wide to reach for the water shutoff, the metal rings above singing on the curtain rod when she did so.

Her eyes went wide when she saw what was behind the curtain. Sam stood there, her long red hair plastered to her back, her head cocked to the side. In her arms was Anita, her olive skin a marked contrast to the Brit's porcelain form. Anita didn't look near as confident as Sam as they both looked to the intruder.

"Why don't you come and join us, then?" Sam asked, syrupy sweet, as her hands traversed the East Indian's lean curves.

Allison's mouth just gaped open, then closed, no words coming out as she stood riveted to the spot, in shock.


What will Allison do?

          Allison's pulled in


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