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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 10


You can't help but admire the voluptuous ass of the red-haired girl as she leads you into the lockerroom and it's adjoining shower area. Gina's ass wobbles cutely before you as she drags you by the hand to the showers.

You quickly tear your eyes from her plush cheeks when she suddenly stops under the showerhead nozzles and turns to face you.

"You wait here," she softly tells you, placing her little hand on your bare chest. "I'm going to go turn the showers on!"

You nod numbly as you look at her pretty face, hoping she didn't catch you eyeing her ass.

She doesn't seem to act like she did, as she smiles sweetly at you and says, "You're so cute!" before she turns tail and walks away from you.

You try not to stare at her ass again as she disappears, not wanting to scare her with your hardon upon her return.

You avoid the initial surge of cold water from the showerheads as they start up, then duck under the steaming spray and allow it to course over you.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

The voice startles you, and you turn your head to see Gina has already returned and is under the next shower head.

You watch her hands as she rubs away the shaving cream, as well as your cum, from her expansive tits.

She notices your interest.

"I hope I don't embarrass you, , but I know what you did to me out there!"

You flush a deeper pink than the heated water had turned you.

"Don't worry. I'm flattered I turned you on so much!" she tells you with a wink as she advances toward you.


What's Gina planned?

          A slow seduction

          Quick hard sex against the shower wall


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