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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 23


Lieto was sure the voice he heard sounded familiar, like he had heard it before very recently. He stood up carefully putting both hands up in the air, still holding the gun and lighter in his hands. He steadily turned to face the voice's owner. He was a little surprised when he saw that it was Sarah, the supposed prostitute he had slept with at Madame Saskia's.

"Don't make a move or I will shoot you!" Sarah shouted. The feeling of having this powerful man at her whim was exciting her.

Lieto mumbled something under his breath that Sarah couldn't make out. Out of the corner of her eye Sarah saw Jack stand up from behind the crate and moved towards her and Lieto. Sarah stood there in silence waiting for Jack to get closer. Jack stopped when he was on the other side of the crate Lieto had been hiding behind. He pointed his gun straight at Lieto's head.

"Drop the gun you are under arrest," Jack barked.

Jack's command distracted Sarah, for just a second, causing her to take her aim away from Lieto. The momentary pause was all the crafty Russian need. He moved quickly and in an instant he had stepped forward, grabbed Sarah and spun around behind her with his arm tight around her neck and his gun pressed against her right temple.

"This is a fucking set-up. Make another move and I kill her!" Lieto commanded, now holding all the cards.

"Okay, okay. Just let her go and everything will be alright," Jack replied.

Lieto stood there in silence, holding Sarah hostage. Sarah was too scared to try anything, for the first time she had truly realized the dangers of this mission and now it was too late. Sarah was hoping Jack or Cooper were about to try something.

Jack stood there watching Lieto and Sarah, he never took his gun off the Russian for a moment but he knew that Lieto now had the upper hand. Somewhere in the room was Cooper but he couldn't risk Sarah's life by calling the young FBI agent. Jack just hoped Cooper was watching and was going to do something soon.

"Let her go Lieto. We don't want to kill you," Jack told him.

Lieto was unresponsive.

"Listen, all we want is Vincennes. We can cut a deal," Jack pleaded.

Lieto looked confused at Jack's comment, as if he had never heard the name before.

"Who? I've been set-up. He's trying to kill me," Lieto replied.

Jack thought it was a little strange that Lieto didn't seem to know the name of his own boss. He thought that maybe Lieto was just trying to cover for him.

"If you let Sarah go, we'll make sure no charges are brought against you. Get us who we want and you'll be a free man."

Lieto looked like he was considering Jack's offer. Sarah was getting really nervous, she could feel beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. She was finding it hard to breathe, as Lieto's arm was tight against her throat. Lieto had the gun pressed tight to her temple and she knew it could all be over in an instant if Jack made the wrong move.

Out of the corner of his vision Jack could see Cooper. Jack kept his eyes on Lieto, trying not to give away Cooper's position to Lieto. Jack knew that if he realized Cooper was there he might shoot Sarah. At the moment, Sarah's welfare was far more important to him than taking Lieto alive.

"Please, Lieto let her go." Jack pleaded once again.

"Fuck you. The moment I let her go you're going to kill me." Lieto shouted.

Cooper raised his gun he had a clear shot. He could end this right now, but he knew it was important that they take Lieto alive. Cooper wasn't sure what to do. He stood there trying to work out what it was he should do, he knew Jack was counting on him to do something to solve this situation.


Does Cooper take the shot?

          Somebody beats him to it


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