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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 22


Quickly, but carefully Sarah moved closer until she was close enough to strike the guy with the handle of her gun. She grunted as she threw all of her strength behind her swing. She brought the butt of the pistol down, harshly crashing it on his forehead. Sarah looked down at him, trying to see if she was successful or not. She saw that the man's eyes had rolled back into his head and he'd passed out. She breathed a sigh of relief and reached round to her radio.

"Make that two men down, Jack," Sarah said.

There was a moment's silence and then he responded.

"That's good Sarah, just stay put for the moment."

Knocking the man out had upped Sarah's confidence and started the adrenaline pumping. "No, I want to help Jack. I don't want to just stay here out of harms way," Sarah replied.

"Ok, Sarah. I want you to cover us from the entrance to the corridor leading to the room me and Cooper are in," Jack told her.

Sarah checked one last time to make sure the man was out cold. She headed out into the corridor, this time the smell was more bearable. She quickly headed down the hallway, running towards the door at the other end of the corridor. She stepped up to the door, which Cooper had forced open earlier. She stuck her head around the corner. Over to her left she could see Jack hiding behind a crate, and over to her right she could just make out what looked like Lieto covering himself behind several crates. From her position Sarah was closer to Lieto than Jack was, she realised she might be able to get to him before anyone else.

Slowly Sarah stepped out from behind the doorway into the warehouse. Thankfully no one had noticed her just yet, the other people in the room occupied Lieto's attention. Sarah could see that Jack was watching Lieto patiently, waiting for the right moment to try and take down the Russian. Sarah couldn't see Cooper anywhere. Sarah decided that if she got into any trouble Jack and Cooper would be there to help her out. She pressed herself up against the wall of the warehouse and started to slowly make her way other to Lieto.

Jack had told her to provide cover for them, but she had spotted an opportunity that she had decided to take. Sarah held her gun tightly between her hands, she was no longer nervous she felt oddly confident in her ability to take down Lieto, single-handed. Sarah crept ever closer; Lieto had his back to her as he was staring out from behind the crate surveying the room. Sarah saw the he was wearing a black suit, and in one hand had a pistol and was holding something small and silver in the other.

Sarah was now only a few feet from Lieto, he still hadn't been alerted to her approach. Jack had been watching Sarah as she crept over to Lieto. He was concerned that she was taking a risk but Sarah's actions were more than likely to buy him enough time to bring down Lieto. Jack couldn't see Cooper, but assumed the young FBI agent was in a strategic position. Jack also worried about Pembleton and Pendrell, both had been shot. He wasn't too sure how injured Pembleton was but Pendrell had taken a shot in the neck, and had been bleeding badly. Jack had done what he could for him and had radioed for a medical team. Unfortunately they couldn't enter the building until Lieto and the rest of his men were had been taken down.

Jack and Cooper had taken down the remaining two men in the warehouse, which just left Lieto. Sarah was now stood right behind Lieto her arms outstretched in front of her, pointing the gun towards the back of Lieto's head. Now that she was closer Sarah could see that Lieto was holding a lighter.

"Freeze!" She shouted.


Does Lieto go quietly?

          A Stand-off


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