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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 13


Anita decided to see if Cathy would respond as warmly to a wet pussy being offered to her eager pink lips as she had to the Indian's lips and tongue. The way the pretty blonde was writhing wantonly on the residence's second floor bath's rug told Anita she was still enjoying her alcohol-induced dream state. The dark-haired accounting major just shook her head in amazement, certain the girl would have one hellacious headache when she did finally come back to earth.

In the meantime, though, Anita wasn't above using this time to experiment in girl-on-girl sex. She positioned herself in what she knew to be the classic sixty-nine position, perfectly willing to give the centrefold-pretty American as good as she got.

Unbeknownst to Anita, the redheaded twins had both poked their heads out from the curtain split, one above the other, their hair slicked back to their heads. Their eyes were wide as the already aroused young women watched the naked Indian position her pussy above the sleepy-eyed exchange student's face as she hunched down over Cathy's fleecy blonde bush.

"Ohmigod, Sam! Can you believe it! Our 'Nita goin' down on the Yank!" whispered Erica to her sister peering above.

"Quiet! If Anita knows were watching she'll surely stop!" Samantha shushed, giving her sis a warning tap on the top of her head.

Eric quickly turned her head around, giving her twin a pissy glance. It didn't last long, though. She immediately turned her attention back to the action starting before her.

The twins watched as Anita gave tentative, cat-like laps to Cathy's mons venus. They watched as Anita, not noticing any protest on Cathy's part, settled her split-open pussylips on the blonde's open oral cavity as she started to lap at the inner meat of Cathy's cunny, using the fingers of her left hand to peel the lips apart. The redheads marvelled as they watched the half-comatose American come to life, her hands finding the trim columns of Anita's brown thighs and rubbing them affectionately as she began to french the open lips of Anita's quim with the same passion as she had tongued the Indian coed's mouth.

If Cathy Martin's this good a lay pissed up, imagine what she'd be like.." Eric started hypothesizing to her sister, before a small, but firm, hand clamped tightly across her mouth. "MMmmppffh!" was all she could manage as Sam tried to assure their voyeurism would go unnoticed.

"Keep your hand busy and your tongue still, dear sister!" Sam gently urged as she crouched over her sis, the water still spraying down upon their bodies as they continued to watch. Sam's right hand was down over Eric's mouth and she had just grabbed Eric's flailing left hand with her own and pressed it against her own needy pussy.

Sam could barely keep her eyes on the coupled pussies and tongues of the writhing pair before her as her twin's practiced hand fingered her to a nerve-wracking series of mini-orgasms. Sam's knees buckled and caused her feet to slide slowly out from under her on the slick porcelain of the clawfoot bathtub they showered in.

"Sam! You okay?" asked her twin sister as she felt Sam's hands slip from her mouth and hand. She pulled her head back inside the shower curtains to see her sister slouched in the tub bottom with a beatific smile on her face.

"Dreamy, sis!" her sister cooed, looking back at her, satiated.

"Well, I'm glad I could be of help!" Erica mockingly said, her own pussy still tingling from her sister's climax.

Eric looked through the curtain split again, this time at the little analogue clock on the bathroom's vanity.

With a rare single-mindedness, Eric informed her still languid twin, "You know it is getting late. Don't you think we better get Cathy taken care of?" she asked, pointing to the scene of the sixty-nine on the other side of the shower curtain.

"Seems Anita's taking care of her pretty well herself!" Sam teased as she slowly got back to her feet and joined her sister.

Erica just cocked her head and gave her an anxious look.

"You're right of course, Sis" Sam answered, drawing back the curtain enough to survey the scene.

Eric beamed a self-congratulatory smile at her sister's assertion, then looked to the fuzzy pink throw rug with her.

The twins were surprised to see Anita breathing heavily, eyes closed, similarly to the graffiti-strewn exchange student lying beside her. Pussyjuice glazed both mouths and both pairs of inner thighs.

"Looks like we have our work cut out for us!" Sam said sagely, stepping out of the tub and onto the floormat. Offering a helping hand to her sister as she stepped out of the slippery tub behind her, Sam stated, "I'll get Cathy, you help Anita into the shower."

The fair-skinned bookends managed to escort the two coeds back to the tub. Eric had the easier job. The petite East Indian was less dead weight and was starting to come around when Erica put her under the once-scalding spray. The water was still warm, but nothing like when the twins first immersed themselves.

Cathy, meanwhile, was another story. As Anita started to slowly come back to life and scrub herself clean under the spray, Eric turned to her sister to help with the more voluptuous American.

Eric took Cathy's upper half, pulling her into the tub by grasping the blonde around the ribcage. Unfortunately, all of Cathy's weight seemed to be in her boobs and Eric nearly toppled over as she tried to hoist Cathy over the tub edge. After some manoeuvring, Sam got inside the tub carrying Cathy's lush legs and dropped them down, closing the curtain behind them.

They managed to keep the still-snockered blonde on her feet between them in the increasingly confined space of the shower. Anita helped clean up the lush contours of the blonde as well, soaping up the giggling blonde, washing off the dried pussyjuice and the lipstick and eyeliner graffiti.

Satisfied with their work, Sam was poised to turn off the water when some shouts were heard outside the bathroom door, as well as an insistent knock. The three turned to each other with horrified looks. Cathy just giggled a little.


Who's there?



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