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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 9


You look to the swim teacher who has called your name, thinking that she has caught you humping your new classmate's lush titties. The twenty-five year old doesn't look upset, though.

"Excellent job, Gina!" she praises.

The well-endowed redhead kneeling before you smiles widely at the teacher in appreciation. Even though you have just blown a load on her upper chest, you can't help but wonder what those thick pink lips would feel like around your newly shaven cock.

"Take back to the showers and help him get rinsed clean. We don't want those nasty pubies in our pool!" informs Miss Silverton.

"Yes, Ma'am!" answers the top-heavy student.

You see she is having difficulty standing up, a result of being crouched down so long before you. You offer a hand, which she accepts gratefully.

You are glad to see your cock has deflated somewhat due to your recent release. As Gina now stands before you, you are glad to see your cum has blended wth the streaks of shaving cream smeared around her chest, making your masturbation virtually undetectable.

Gina slyly winks at you, still holding your hand. Her fingers interlocked with yours, she begins to pull you behind her, towards the communal showers.

You head toward your friend, . She doesn't look too happy with you.

", come clean up your clippings, please!" orders the teacher.

You see her scowl even more now, as she heads back to the pool's edge and you and Gina head behind the tiled wall.


What happens in the showers?

          Gina comes clean


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