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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 8


Gina doesn't seem to notice, or at least care, that your lathered cockstalk is now nestled deep inside her double D cleavage. She simply leans in closer to you, the tip of her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrates on the task at hand, the denuding of your pubic area.

As the cute redhead leans in, her arms crush her over-sized titties tighter together, increasing the vice-like embrace around the sensitive skin below the head of your cock.

You try not to let the excitement of what you are experiencing show on your face as the rest of the hour's swim class still crowds around you with various degrees of interest. All of the feminine eyes upon you just makes your cock swell inside the velvety confines of Gina's ample cleavage. You pretend to arch your body back to afford the girl with the razor plenty of room to finish the task of shearing your pubes. All you are really doing is pushing your cock further inside her cleavage.

Seeing Gina will be done shaving you soon, you throw caution to the wind and rock ever so slightly back and forth before the teen, the redhead's cleavage feeling so wonderful pressed around you as your dick slides easily between her titties.

It is when you see the purple head pop from the top of her cleavage that you lose control. Your youthful jizz shoots up, splattering her upper chest and running back down it.

You glance at Gina's face. There is no hint that she noticed your creamy contribution. You glance to the faces of your fellow students. None seemed to have noticed, either, so caught up are they in your shaving.

"That's enough, !" you hear Miss Silverton shout.

Your body tenses.


What does Miss Silverton have you do?

          She sends you to the showers

          She uses you for an endurance test


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