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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 12


The exotic-looking East Indian looked at the prone form of Cathy Martin and decided she would try to take the half-comatose American as her dream lover, go further than she had with someone of the same sex. 'Sure, I had been the object of the twins' affections,' Anita ruminated as she looked up from her position on the fuzzy pink throw rug to the barely visible silhouettes behind the curtain of the shower nearby. 'Now, it's time for me to be the aggressor!' decided the slim, tawny-skinned eighteen-year-old. 'Besides, who's Cathy gonna tell?' she asked herself as she looked to the pretty blonde's face. The American exchange student's lips just seemed to be asking for a kiss as they parted open slightly in a pink pucker.

Anita hovered her nude body carefully over the centrefold figure of the American's, tentatively pecking at the soft lobes that framed Cathy's mouth. Finding no resistance, the accountancy student dropped her face to Cathy's again, more forcefully pressing her lips against the blonde's, taking the bold move of dropping her little tongue inside Cathy's mouth and probing inside it.

Anita was surprised, and a bit taken aback, at the ferocity that the teen below her responded. She felt Cathy's hands go behind her ears, her fingers twisting in her short, but thick, blue-black locks as she held her tight against her face, their noses squeaking together as the American tongue-fucked her back.

Anita wondered if Cathy had awakened as she listened to the girl mewl her pleasure as they continued to swap spit. Then, just as quickly as Cathy had come to life, she seemed to quiet again, her hands dropping to her sides. Anita took this time to break their torrid liplock and lift her face enough to stare into Cathy's face. The East Indian couldn't help but smile. The British History student still had that child-like, beatific expression on her face, a little drool running out the corner of her mouth to the rug below her flaxen-maned head.

Anita decided to continue, sure Cathy was still in la-la land. Her hands still bracing her body above the American's, the brunette slowly traversed her tongue down Cathy's breastbone, over her heaving belly and down toward the nether regions of Cathy Martin's golden-fleeced pussymound.

The mischievous coed moved between the splayed thighs of the American coed and put her tongue to work on the outer petals of Cathy's vagina, swirling ever closer to her pussy's entrance. Cathy began to writhe again in her sleep, and Anita looked up to the dreaming blonde and smiled. She was glad her lapping was getting the job done.

Anita resumed her cunnilingus, pursing her lips, using them to suck on the little nub that had popped out from under it's fleshy hood in reaction to the East Indian's oral caresses.

"Mmmmm!" Cathy marvelled in her sleep, moving her hands down to caress the ears of the wonderful person between her legs.

Anita decided to try one last thing before she brought Cathy to climax. She lifted her head, checking to see what her other classmates were up to. The twins still seemed to be doing a lot of splashing and laughing. 'Or was that sound something else?' the raven-haired girl wondered.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock of yours!" Erica husked to her twin as they stood under the pounding spray of the tub's shower attachment.

"You'd like that wouldn't you, you little tart!" giggled Samantha in response, looking at her mirror image as she held the foot-long cock-shaped soap like a sword before her.

"And so would you!" answered back Eric, as she reached up and grabbed the circular frame of the curtain rod behind her.

Samantha eyed the boldly displayed attributes of her sister's alabaster body. She took one small step forward and was on her sister immediately, rubbing the soapcock between her sis' pussylips, working them, and her twin, into a lather before she plunged it deep inside her.

Samantha watched her twin hold onto the curtain rod for dear life as she fucked the phallus into her. "Yeah, that's the way you like it, don't you, baby?" Sam smiled as the water continued to course down their nicely curved bodies.

"Ohhh.. yes!" Eric replied, satiated, as she let go of the curtain rod and slipped down into the basin of the tub, where she was faced with a different rod. The red-haired girl was face to face with the cock-on-a-rope, as Sam continued to rub the base against her clit. Erica knew, for all of her sister's bluster, that she had enjoyed it as much as her, such was the bond they shared.

She let Sam lean against the wall behind the tub in post-orgasmic bliss, and stood up to remove the shower head from it's hook. The old-fashioned tub had been fitted in recent years with a modern shower massager and Erica was about to make great use of it. She sat on the tub edge and spread her legs wide, aiming it at her frothing pussy. "Gotta make sure my puss is rinsed nice and clean!" Eric smiled to herself as she aimed the pulsing jets at her clit, after rinsing away the soapy residue inside her pussyfolds. She grinned wickedly as she watched her sis climax with her, Samantha's hands pawing at her pussylips, the cocksoap dropped to the tub floor.

Leaning back, Erica's head parted through the shower curtain's split just enough to see what Anita might be up to. "Shit, Sam! Lookit this!" Eric urged after she ducked her head back behind the curtain, nodding to the scene outside.


What do the twins see?

          Anita attempting a sixty-nine.


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