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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 21


Sarah looked around the room for a means of causing a distraction. Her eyes came across the computer perched on top of the desk she was hiding behind. It was a sad sight with it's broken monitor and dust covered keyboard. It was a symbol that this factory had been long forgotten. She realized knocking it off the desk would hopefully cause the man to check out what was happening. Sarah looked up from the desk again to see that Leito's thug was still facing away from the door. The computer was on the right hand side of the desk. Sarah turned around so that she was facing the desk. She slowly raised herself up on her toes and put her hands up on the top of the desk. She looked again to make sure nobody had saw her, then she placed her hands on the dusty computer monitor. Sarah shoved it as hard as she could, then ducked behind the desk again.

Sarah peeked around the edge of the desk and watched it hit the floor, it was like seeing it in slow-motion. The already damaged monitor screen shattered across the floor, sending thick fragments of glass in every direction. One piece slide passed the desk and hit the wall opposite Sarah. The monitor may have been useless but it was still hooked into the tower case. The cord between them jerked and the remaining part of the computer was pulled off the desk. It smashed hard against the floor causing it to break open on impact. Sarah's jaw hung open as she stared at the wreckage that was once a computer. Now, the computer lay in a heap of broken glass, circuit boards and wires. Her actions had the desired effect, the guy opened the office door and came inside the room. He stood looking down at the computer, trying to work out how it had fallen off the desk. Sarah quietly crept around the side of the desk and out so she was near the door. Sarah thought about just heading straight out of the room but knew the distraction was only going to be temporary. She also knew she needed to do something to him, incapacitate him in some way.

Sarah didn't know exactly what to do. She knew she was no match for this man, as he could easily overpower her. She pointed the gun towards him, training the sights of it on him. Sarah couldn't kill him, she didn't have it in her to take another person's life. She lowered the sight so it was pointing towards his right leg and nervously pulled back the trigger. Sarah held it firmly in her hands and fired the gun. There was a loud crack that echoed in the room. As quick as the sound came, the bullet hit the guy squarely in the calf. Blood spattered out the front of the man's leg and across the floor. At this close range the bullet had went right through his leg, leaving a clean hole in it's wake. The thug fell hard onto the broken computer monitor. Sarah winched as she heard the racking of his ribs, followed by a heavy groan.

He turned to face Sarah. "FUCKING BITCH, you shot me!" He screamed. Sarah just stood there dumb-struck in her actions, before she realized the man was frantically grabbing at some weapon under his jacket. The school girl turned CIA agent had to think quick, her life was in danger!


What does Sarah do?

          She knocks him out.

          Sarah beats him to death.


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