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A Day in the Life of a Schoolgirl | ponyboy | 4


You struggle against the vines you feel your clothes rip as youbstart to break loose. But the vines soon wrap around you again.
You feel yourself being dragged further and further back in to the dark woods.
You feel exhausted and you find yourself hanging by your arms. While other vines are holding your legs wide apart.
You can see a trail of ripped cloth leading away from you and you realise that is what remsins of your clothing. Your completely naked and you can feel a cool breeze touch every
Inch of your naked skin.
You look around and three other girls hung up just like you. You can not tell if any of them are still alive.
You get the impression you and the others are being stored here for a reason.


what is coming for you?


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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