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Ever since Dan left the party scene hadn't been as good. Dan threw some amazing parties, but more importantly they were all for people in your year, and all had people who were like you. They were reliably awesome. No wasted first years having their first beers, no police being called because someone started a fire.

Dan had left a good few months back, and it was now week 2 of your fourth year; your final year in college. Everything was going smoothly, if a little more boring than usual, until the foreign exchange student showed up at the start of this week. His name was Gilles, and was from Marseille. Gilles was a handsome man, with chiseled features, long blonde hair and an athletic body. You chatted to him very briefly in the first few days he has been here, just at times you have passed each other in class. He spoke surprisingly excellent English.

Then suddenly, one day, you hear a rumour that 17 Elder Tree Road was going to have a big party this Saturday; Gilles place. The rumour was doing the rounds throughout 4th year in your course, so you held hopes it was a return to the glory days with Dan.

On the Friday you see flyers advertising the party all around campus. Not a good sign, you think.


Saturday comes, you are in contact with all your group and they all decide to give it a try.


Go to the party?


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