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College Birthday FFM Threesome | threesomequest | 1


I am a college student in junior year just returning from lab when I get a call from my girlfriend, Sarah. It's my birthday today and she sounds really excited, "Hey! I have a birthday surprise for you, just go get changed and come meet me at my dorm room." She sounded really seductive over the phone.

Sarah is only a freshman and has been really adventurous, since her parents were so strict in high school. She was a virgin when we first met and I've been teaching her all kinds of sexual things and giving her many firsts. She is unbelievably hot, but so innocent minded and I think this is why guys ignored her in high school. She is tall at 5'9" with perfect hips and ass. But the real asset on her is her massive 34JJ tits! That's right. I've seen the bra strap to prove it. I've really enjoyed her tits as she lets me fuck them whenever and just cum on her face and in her mouth. Did I mention she loves swallowing cum? She has giving me blow jobs in all kinds of public places because it really turns her on to be so bad. For example, one time we were studying at the library and she took me to a quiet corner in the stacks and sucked my cock for me right there. She even pulled her top down to show me her tits while she gave me a perfect blowjob. I finished pretty quickly in her mouth and she gave me a big smile, flattered that I was so turned on for her. She even tried to suck me off again because she wanted me to fuck her, but someone came close and we had to get dressed. So, needless to say, she is an awesome girlfriend.

When I got to my dorm and opened the door, the lights came on and Sarah was sitting on the bed with her friend Jaime. They were both in really small mini-skirts with tight tops and a lot of cleavage showing. I've never seen Jaime's tits this uncovered, but they looked massive... at least as big as Sarah's.

Jaime is Sarah's best friend who is also pretty adventurous. I think they have a similar background, but Jaime broke up with her boyfriend recently. I think she caught him cheating. Well anyway, she is pretty average height at 5'6" with a pretty big ass actually. She also has amazing breasts, probably a 34F but so firm and round in this dress.

Sarah stands and walks towards me with a sexy look. The room smells a little of alcohol and they are both flush red with seductive faces. "Hey honey! We partied a little and came over together because we are going to give you the best birthday ever!"

Jaime leans forward on the bed so her tits are almost popping out of her top as she says, "oh yeah! Sarah and I were talking about having a threesome for a while and I think it would be a lot of fun with you." She is biting her bottom lip as she is swaying gently on the bed, clearly letting her tits move side to side to entice me.

Sarah is pulling me towards them as she motions Jaime to her feet and they sit me on the edge of my bed. They both do a sexy little dance and help take off each others' dresses. They are both in sexy lace underwear and bras as they continue dancing in front of me and begin kissing. They are flush red and moaning as they furiously make out in their underwear. I can see they are both moving their hands down to rub their own pussies as they do this. Finally they both move closer to me and drop to their knees. Sarah is opening my zipper, "We thought we would start with a double blowjob.

Before I can answer, my hard cock is pulled out of my boxers and they both begin kissing it lightly, just teasing my cock as it throbs in their hands. They both lean back and unsnap their bras and let them fall to the floor. Sarah's massive, perfectly firm 19 year old tits fall into view. They are capped with large areolas and hard nipples. Jaime's 18 year old tits are only a bit smaller but still huge. I lean over a bit and pick up her bra and it says 32F--I was very close! Jaime's tits are capped with puffy areolas and hard nipples. They both lean back again and they see my cock throbbing as I stare at their perfect tits. They are both smiling and enjoying the attention as they play with their tits and even teasingly lean down and kiss each other’s' nipples. My cock is achingly hard as I watch this sexy sight. I pull off my pants and boxers and now I am completely naked below the waist. They both finally lean in and return to playing with my cock.

Sarah’s big round tits were pressed against my thighs and Jaime’s a bit higher against my dick. God, their tits were absolutely perfect. I would marry either one just to have their tits forever! As I stared lustily at their breasts, they both looked up at my face and smiled seductively as they took turns moving their breasts up and down my crotch. Sarah would press her nipples together and rub them up and down the bottom of my dick. My cock would be throbbing and pre-cum just oozing out the tip. After only a few seconds of that, Jaime would trade places and put her giant tits on my rod. She would move them up and down looking down at the tip each time it emerged from between her tits. She even reached out her tongue and flicked the tip a few times.

I swear, this sweet torture went on for several minutes until I finally mustered the courage to say something.

“Hey Sarah, why don’t you make out with Jaime some more?”

They both looked up at me smiling and seeming to enjoy the suggestion.

“I’m glad you thought of that sexy idea. I would love to make out more with Jaime.” As Sarah learned in to kiss her, she remarked, “I imagine you’ll be watching closely?”

Sarah and Jaime were on their knees in just panties. At this point I still hadn’t seen either of their pussies, but I’m sure I’d be inside both of them before the night is over. In the meantime I want to take my time, which is why I’ve suggested this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these two sexy women make out with my rock hard cock inches from their faces. They lean in close and touch each other’s cheeks sensually as their lips touch. Their eyes close softy as they begin furiously kissing and licking each other’s lips. They begin touching each other’s breasts and heaving them in their hands as they grasp the size and firmness of each other.

Much to my delight, they seem to be really enjoying this. I’ve begun slowly massaging my cock as I watch them play with each other’s tits while locked in a passionate make out session. Sarah reaches her hand down and touches the damp spot on the front of Jaime’s panties. She begins gently rubbing the warm mound atop Jaime’s pussy—the pussy I can’t wait to fuck and cum inside!

Deciding I can’t wait any longer, I finally push my cock up to their faces and demand some attention. “OK, suck on my dick some more.”

I can see they are getting turned on by getting ordered around as they stop and look up at me.

“Mmmm, have you enjoyed watching two women make out and feel each other up?” Jaime said to me in her sexiest voice ever.

“Yeah, I bet your cock is just dying to be inside one of the many holes in front of you. I would’ve fingered her if you hadn’t interrupted. I guess I can do that later though,” Sarah teased.

They both moved their lips to the tip of my cock and began licking all around the head. They slowly traced their lips across the sides of my rock hard shaft and moved in sync up and down very slowly. I began pumping my cock between their lips, fucking two women’s mouths at once! They immediately pulled away though, leaving my wet cock waving in the air.

Sarah said, “Don’t get too excited! Just hold out a bit so we can keep playing with your wonderful cock. Who knows the next time you’ll have two nude college woman playing with your….” She didn’t finish her sentence, but instead put her tits around my cock and begin rapidly rubbing them up and down the shaft, fucking my dick with her big tits! “…big man fuck toy,” she finally said.

Jaime also followed with, “Yeah, don’t you want to cum in our mouths? We are gonna swallow all of your cum tonight. I’ve never done that for any guy before. But I’m feeling really horny tonight and Sarah told me all the sexy things you've taught her.”

Sarah began moving her mouth towards my cock and stopped, testing my will power to resist just force fucking both of their mouths. I have to admit I was tempted to just grab their heads and jam my cock between them until I could manage to cum. But I knew I had to hold out for the real reward.

Jaime began licking the bottom of my shaft as Sarah played with Jaime’s tits and squeezed them while alternating between the left and right one. She would also lift them up one at a time and looking in my lust-filled eyes. She then joined Jaime’s mouth by licking up and down the side of my shaft. They began furiously licking all over my cock, never letting their lips or mouths completely engulf my cock… and it was driving me insane!

Sarah finally looked up at me with innocent eyes, “Would you like to see our pussies while we give you a double blowjob?”


Do you want them to take off their panties?


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