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Slutty Teacher | majus | 38


He put his foot between her legs and gently spread them apart. She started thrusting her hips and grinding her pussy against his leg. He then started playing with her nipples. With his squeezing, pinching and massaging them Alyssa was wet in no time. After few minutes her husband noticed that his wife's nipples stand erect and felt torrent of wetness flowing on his leg – she climaxed. She let go of his cock and took few deep breaths of air.

“I see that you came. You're right, your self-centred bitch. You speak of making it up to me, yet here you cum, while I am still am unsatisfied.”

“I'm... sorry...” said Alyssa, still in post orgasmic bliss, tried to continue her service, but was stopped by him.

“Get up. I have enough of your greediness. ” He sat her on his lap, spread her legs and held them down with his own legs. His erect cock was grinding against her pussy, but he did not push it inside. He started playing with his wife's breast. He massaged them, pinched them, slapped them... Soon enough Alyssa was again moaning nearing her orgasm. As she reached for her pussy, her husband slapped her hand away.

“No playing with yourself, you had enough orgasms already. Satisfying his wife is a duty of husband. Now put hands on your head.” She hesitated for a moment. He reached her clit and grabbed it. She moaned. “Hands on your head.” She complied.

For next 20 minutes he brought her close to climax, yet when she was about to reach orgasm he denied it to her. She moaned, grinned her pussy against his cock – she needed to cum so bad! Finally she started begging.

“Please... let me cum!”

“You really are self-centred bitch.”

“Yes! Yes! I am so please, punish this bitch!”

He chuckled and let go of her.

“Ok, I will punish you. Get on bed bitch, and down on all fours. That's appropriate position, for a bitch such as yourself.”

She immediately done what he asked her off and waited with anticipation. He knelled behind her and teased her for a moment, making her groan with impatience. He then entered her asshole. She gasped then groaned.

“Honey... this is not that hole.” She had experienced anal sex before, but not with her husband. She had enough clarity of mind to at least partly protest.

“This is your punishment.” He grabbed her hair, bending her head back, and started pumping. Then slapped her buttock. “And since it's your punishment, don't dare to move any of those hands to your pussy.” He slapped her again and again, like he was punishing a dog... a bitch. The degradation, humiliation, rough treatment and her own imagination gave her incredible turn on. It wasn't long until she came.


Does their night activities continue? What happens next?

          next day in school


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