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Doorway of the Soul | majus | 5


You wait a little for a right moment to strike. She may seem defenceless, but you don't want to take any chances. When she has one of her climaxes and her mind is blank you implant your order.

<I will not use my mind controlling abilities on anyone.>

You give that command to make sure she will not try to force you into submission again.

When they continue after a moment you check results – success. She's so much drunk with sex now, that she didn't even noticed your action. You then take control of her partners. You make them not notice you or the conversation which you're about to have. When you're sure, you have a firm control over them – to the level when you can control each of their moves with thought – you make your move. You make the one who was fucking Sin's throat remove his dick from her throat, grab her hair and force her to look at him. Then you have other two pound her ass and pussy mercilessly.

She keeps screaming and moaning as she climaxes time after time. You make your way to them and crouch before her. Then you make man holding her hair, turn her head to you, at the same you make other two stop moving. You make sure that the one on top of her holds her waist and the one beneath her holds her wrists. She stopped screaming as their movements cased, only keeps moaning batching in afterglow of her orgasms. She notices you and smiles.

“Hey... John...” She moans.

Before she can continue you interrupt her.

“I have removed your control over me. I am freed of shackles that you held me with.”

She was looking at me lustfully until meaning of my words hit her. She immediately tried to invade your mind and erase you. You could feel it, her intent to erase me and once reprogram to her own liking. But, since your blockade was at place she couldn't use her abilities.

“I have blocked your abilities. I will never be your mindless drone again. Neither I will be your worshipper.”

She looked worried now. She tried to move but men held her firmly.

“Let go of me! Stop! I command you to stop!”

“It's useless. I have reprogrammed them. I command them.”

“You idiots! Let goooooochhhhhh!”

She kept struggling so I ordered two men who sandwiched her to thrust their hips – once. It was enough to make her cum.

“...haaaaa” she stopped struggling and seemed to case resisting. “What... will you do with me?”

“The same thing you've done to me – I will destroy everything you are.” she shuddered and wanted to say something but you interrupted her before she could even start “And I will do that by granting you your wish.”


“I will allow you to continue living through your fantasy, I will just move it's borders.”

YouI send her images of what you were planning.

“No! If you do this I will die! They will kill me!”

“They will not kill you. They will only ravage you. Fuck you until both your body and mind breaks. Just like you wanted. Now I will remove any knowledge of you manipulating minds. You will only remember me as your boyfriend and your... infidelities. This situation here, transpired because you wanted to live your 'ravagement' fantasy. So you hit on some Afro-American gangsters, posing as a rich slut wanting to taste black cocks. There never was any mind manipulation.”

“No! Please! I can...oochhhh” She screamed as you had men continue fucking her. She quickly lost connection with her situation, they were really rough with her. While she was enjoying in sex and following orgasms, you implemented her with new sets of memories.

With that done you have one of men call the rest of their gang. When he's done you have him return to fucking Sin.

You wait until entire gang of 35 people arrived. Then you focus on newcomers and implement on them the same instructions you implemented on three men fucking Sin. All of them went upstairs and surround her. She notices it and is little worried but not much – she's living through her fantasy after all. All this, only excite her more.

You smile to yourself. She will be in haven, living through her fantasy until she discovers that she cannot stop it – then her haven will become her hell. Forced to serve all this men, without moment of rest both her body and mind will fall. She will be fucked, until only a husk devoid of any receptions is left. A mindless mind-fucked drone. Just like she wanted – she will be destroyed. Only not on the level she wanted.

You are about to leave when you pause and concentrate on one of gangsters.

<I have to bring camera! I will record the best parts of breaking that white slut and changing her into our cum-dumpster!>

With that done, you cast one last look at Sin.

While wearing open-crotch suspender pantyhose and high-heels, being fucked by nearly forty men, with orgasmic look on her face - she looks more like a porn-star then your girlfriend. You remember seeing that face many times, as she fucked with other men.

You shake your head and leave. You will return here later... maybe. You don't know. You know nothing about yourself. Amount of informations you salvaged from Sin about yourself wasn't big. She was more interested in changing you to her ideal image of boyfriend than getting to know you... You even don't know your family name. You're a blank slate now.

It's time to get to know yourself.

What you like. What you dislike.

To find a place to stay.


Now that you are free, what will you do?


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