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Doorway of the Soul | majus | 4


You leave... woman, in the alley and go about your business. Field test of your abilities was successful.

You decide to drop with unexpected visit to Sin, maybe have some great sex as well. When you reach her apartment and get it you are met with sultry air filled with sex. You hear unmistakable sounds of copulation. You stealthy make your way to source of sounds – which occurs to be bedroom and take a look inside.

Inside you find Sin - not counting high class open crotch suspender pantyhose and a 4 inch black high-heels, she was naked. She was knelling on bed and was gang-banged by three black man. Each of her wholes was occupied by black men's dicks. You can see that she barely manages to keep up with them. They were quite rough with her.

Now you remember, she told you few weeks ago that she wanted to try a gang-bang with black men. She wanted to be ravaged by them, until she could not move.

You smile to yourself, you never were jealous of Sin having sex with other guys. You have quite an open relationship, through you never wanted to be with other women. Even blow-job this morning was more about testing your abilities then sex – not that it was not enjoyable. Still Sin was more then enough for you.

You decided to leave them to their fun.

Before you left, out of curiosity, you choose to take a look into their minds. You wander what sick and twisted thoughts Sin put into their heads. You find out, that this guys are part of gang and were made to think that Sin is rich lady who wants to taste a black dick. Sin implemented in them need to show superiority over white bitch by roughing her up. But they were especially given instruction not to hurt her - at least nothing permanent. Spanking, pinching, grabbing her hair and treating like a fuck-doll - generally roughing her up was allowed. Second instruction forced them to stop when she asked them to.

Last instruction is little strange. If your thought can stop them faster then your words, why need for that instruction?

Then you turn your attention to Sin and you discover something strange. She's lacking concentration and... her mind is wide open! Intrigued you take your chance and enter her unguarded mind undetected.

Browsing through her mind you find that she gave verbal instruction because she's not able to use mind controlling abilities during sex. Strange, you never noticed this when you were fucking.

Upon further checking you discover that reason for your lack of that knowledge – Sin have specifically removed that knowledge from your mind and made it so, you never notice it! The only reason you discovered it because she's not having sex with you now – if you would have sex with her, your mind, as per her instructions, would've ignored it.

You always considered her your equal in skill and your mentor, but you notice how wrong you were. She was always weaker, true she possessed more theoretical knowledge but didn't have a skill to implement it. Your skills frightened her, that's why she set your mind to be submissive to her own.

You discover whole set of things that you took for granted, were in reality set up by Sin. Your love for her was a suggestion – that much you knew. What you didn't knew was that she removed memories of your girlfriend from your and her mind. She removed memories of your family, your friends, your acquiescences then she removed you from their memories! Finally, she programmed you, to love only her.

But for someone with her skills it would be impossible to program actual love – that's why Sin regularly erased your mind and reprogrammed you. Until you came to love her on your own. She later discovered that reactions through lust brought much better results.

All this so she could possess your abilities. With them and you as a mindless drone, the world would be hers, for a taking.

That's when you realised how great difference in your abilities are. You easily overthrow her influence. All changes and conditions, that she set on your mind, are gone. She no longer has any control over you.

Your former memories and life are gone forever – erased by Sin. You have no doubt that number of your mind erasing 'sessions' guaranteed that.

You feel immense rage forwards this woman, for all that she has done to you. For all she taken from you. Because what you were if not a mindless slave, with no will of his own. What did you have except that what she allowed you to wear.

Only one thing you possess, that is clearly your own – your immense skills in mind control.


What do you do with that skill?

          Give her exactly what she wants, just not the way she wants it.


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