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Doorway of the Soul | majus | 3


You decided that you played with her mind enough and walk out. As you travel you notice that she follows you. Soon you stop before random shop window and pretend to browse items.

“Excuse me...” She finally decided to talk to you.

“Yes?” You answer pretending to be surprised with her inquiry.

She bits her lips nervously and unconsciously rubs her thighs.

“Can... we talk... in private?”

You pretend to look surprised.


She leads you into alleyway. You walk until you are sure that you are alone. She turns to you.

“Could you... sleep with... me?”

You smile and raise your hand.

“Sorry lady, I already have a girlfriend.”

She looks disappointed.

<I am too horny to let he go now! I need to convince him to fuck me! I'll do anything he wants me to, just to have his dick inside me!>

Her face was even redder, she continuously rubbed her legs.

“Look... It's not every day that someone as good looking as me proposes sex to some random guy.”

“So you want to fuck me because I'm random?”

“No! Listen, don't you want to fuck me.”

“My girlfriend...”

“I don't mind your girlfriend, she doesn't have to know. Both of us will be satisfied and you will have memories of good lay...”

“No, I don't think it's good idea. I don't want to be unfaithful forwards her.” you continue to play with her.

At least it's fun for you. You could change her mind, so she would be your slave, but frustrating her that way is way more fun. And you can change her more later if there are problems.

She seemed quite desperate now.

“How about a blow-job? That's not a treason.”

“You could say the same about anal sex. No I think not.”

“Wait! Damn it, I will pay you.”

You pause thinking.

“You, would pay me, so you could give me a blow-job?”

She seemed to understand it would be senseless to push beyond blow-job.


You quickly probe her mind to check how much money she has.

“Ok. I will allow a blow-job. For $450.”

“I have only $358...”

“Too bad...”

You start walking away.

“Wait!” You pause “Can you wait? I will go to ATM and take some cash...”

“No, I'm in hurry... Tell you what, you will perform some striptease, give me your underwear, will blow me naked, right here - and we will have a deal.”


“I'm in hurry” you say impatiently “Take it or leave me.”

She thinks for a moment. Her lust overcomes whatever reason she had left.


She hands you money then starts striptease. You lean against a wall. She surely is beautiful... but has absolutely no talent in erotic dancing. At least her lust enhances her movements. Soon she is completely naked. She nervously looks around, making sure no one sees her and kneels before you. She hastily opens your pants and without foreplay takes your member into her mouth.

<I came just from putting it into my mouth! I wonder what it would be like if it was in my pussy... or ass.>

After few seconds of her daze you hurry her.

“Hey, I don't have entire day to sit here with my cock in your mouth. If you aren't moving I'm leaving.”

That seemed to wake her up. She started moving her head.

<I cum little with each thrust! It's incredible what his penis makes me feel! His cum will make me climax like never before!>

She continuous to blow you until she shuddered paused for a longer moment. She must have tasted your pre-cum. After a moment she continued. It took some time to make you cum. She wasn't bad, only inexperienced. Finally you came. She shuddered as she continued sucking your cock. She was cumming from swallowing your cum.

<That's the best taste I ever experienced!>

Finally she released your cock and collapsed to ground... unconscious.

You decide to be generous and hide her behind dumpster and cover her with her clothes... minus her bra and panties. You pause, you even don't know her name.


Do you do something with her, or leave her and take care of your business?

          Surprise at home, and unpleasant revelations.


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