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Bible Black: Ressurection | majus | 4


You decided to teach her. That's simple prevention. If you choose to enslave her, true you would get her power, but there's only so much you could do alone and can only be at one place at a time. Having someone to watch your back and have a different outlook on things is a plus. There is of course a risk that she might try to take a leading role in your relationship and betray you. To make sure she stays a sub in this relationship you decided to take some steps.

You use your power to modify her sexuality even further. You decided to enforce her dominant nature and awaken her sadistic tendencies - they will be useful when you will send her on task which would require seducing or enslaving someone. Yet at the same time you set her desire to be a sub when she's with you, to be a complete masochistic slut with you. You implant into her a desire to satisfy you, to serve you. To love you. You conditioned her body so she may cum from your mere touch or on your verbal command – if you desire so. You made her body carve for your cum and your pussy juices.

Shortly speaking you made her addicted to you.

All this changes cost you a lot of your power and take much of time. Considering that Jennifer Blake will be your most important officer and student – practically your right hand - you want to make sure that your control over her is firm. It's not everyday that you find such a powerful witch. You have to ensure as well that neither she nor someone else will change your... alternations.

So when you finish it's well over midnight.

You sit in principal's comfortable lather chair and look at your handiwork.

Principal of school clad only in stockings and high-heels is laying on floor with blank stare in her eyes. Her entire body is covered with sweat her pussy juices and your sperm, saliva dripping from her mouth. Her big tits going slowly up and down as she breathed. The reason to her state is simple. You fucked her stupid. Why? Entering permanent alternations is easiest when victim's mind is clear – that state is easiest to achieve by orgasmic bliss.

Work and pleasure in one go.

Downside to this is that, alternating Jennifer took much from you. It will take a day before you can preform ritual of that scale, leaving you pretty much defenceless. You will have to lay low today and tomorrow. Plus is, that next time, you will have Jennifer to watch over your back as you will recover. You can use that time to familiarise yourself with school.

You check the package that was prepared for you. It contains your uniform. Student's uniforms consists from brown chunky-heeled mary-jane shoes, black thigh-high socks, red skirt ending right above knees, white buttoned shirt, red tie and black vest. What's interesting, teachers are obligated to wear work uniforms. Teacher's uniform consists of black high-heels, black stockings, blue business skirts (as in their student's case ending right above knees ), white shirt, black tie and blue blazer. It looked quite professional and sexy as well.

You dressed in your uniform – it fits perfectly.

According to note you found in box, you were given room in attic in this building. Apparently there is no free place in dorms right now. That just fits you fine – less nosy neighbours to worry about. You will have to discuss with Jennifer about this later.

You look down at her still form laying on floor.

You shrug, leave her where she lays and walk over her to your room. You make a point to step on her tit, earning yourself a satisfying whimper, sounding very much like a moan. You smile and look at her tit, your shoe left quite a nice mark. It will be there tomorrow. Maybe, you should mark her more permanently... piercing... tattoo... maybe even brand her with hot iron. You leave that for future.

You close a door behind and go to your room.

When you reach it you find it quite spacey (about 50 square meters). There is a double bed, some shelves, desk, chair... kitchen, bathroom with working shower. You found your luggage already here. You change, set clock and go to sleep.

Tomorrow you start school.


What does a new day bring?


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