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Fuck me, professor | majus | 2


I slowly get up, not wanting you to let go of me. When I finally stand I walk in front of class and turn to you. Slowly, as if preforming striptease, I tuck up my skirt. Then I turn my back to you and slowly lower my panties. I hope that you would ram your cook into my pussy as I am bend. When my panties are on hight of my ankles, I rose my left leg and removed it from my underwear. The sound of my heel spread through room. It send shivers down my spine. Then I step out of my panties and stud in stride over them. I bent and reached them, presenting my ass to you, for taking.


I stopped moving and moaned lightly. I love it when you are so commanding. I could feel juices dripping from my pussy.

“Leave them where they are. Go to my desk, put your arms on them and stick your ass in air.”

I shivered. Not bothering to tuck my skirt down I made my way to your desk, swaying my naked ass. I put my hands on your desk and rise my arse as high as I can. I trembled with anticipation.

I hear your footsteps as you slowly walk. Then I hear you stopping, most probably you are taking my panties. Then I hear you walking again until you stop behind me. I wait but you do nothing. I start to sway ass impatiently, inviting you.

Finally I feel your finger on my inner thigh. That is enough to make me moan. You move your finger on my skin, teasing me, making me moan. You make your way to my ass and slowly encircle it. I sends jolts through my body.

Then you make your way to my pussy. I can feel as you are playing with my juices. Then suddenly you push your finger inside. I'm so horny that it's enough to make me come. I shake as I climax.

You wait until I recover, then remove your finger and bring your hand cover with my juices to my face. Without a word I start sucking your finger. When it's clean I lick rest of your hand clean.

“Good miss Stacy. I see that you learn. Now a little commission for you.”

I can fell as you insert something into my pussy. When it's all in I feel your slap on my ass. Surprise, pain and pleasure make me come again.

“Now miss Stacy, that are your panties inside your pussy. I want you to hold it for the rest of a day.” You smile at me, then lick my ear. I shiver again.

“That will be all miss Stacy. Take your sit.”

I look at you with disbelief.


What do I do?


LOCKED (Awaiting Approval)


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