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Working day | ddd23 | 4


He gasped suddenly as he felt 's pussy clamp down on his cock and realised that she was cumming again, hard. Her head thrashed from side to side and a muffled groan came from her throat as she tried to scream again.

kept pumping his hard dick in and out of her, increasing speed as her toes clenched and her fingers scratched at the desk, her hips bucked upwards to meet his thrusts and her juices flowed from her like water from a tap.

He knew he was close and his balls tightened against his groin, he could feel the cum start to rise like a flood about to burst a dam.

finally stopped thrashing and her sweat covered face turned to him, her deep brown eyes fixed on his. He started to pull out, ready to spew his load all over her body but at the last second wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in deep, she reached her hand down and squeezed his balls as he started to cum.

Spurt after spurt of 's thick, sticky sperm ejaculated up 's dripping vagina. She started to cum again as she felt the sensation of his seed filling her completely, finshed and fell forward on top of her, his mouth and hands finding her puffy, erect nipples as she passed out from her orgasm. Slowly his cock deflated and fell from her pussy, a dribble of cum running out after it and pooling on the desk between her butt cheeks.


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