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Standing in front of him in a black lace bra, tights and a matching lacy black g-string, her red dress crumpled on the floor at her feet, looked at and pouted her lips.

'I'm not putting that back on until you've given it to me.'

's cock was straining at his zipper now and he realised he didn't have much choice anymore, his brain was no longer making the decisions.

kicked her dress away and slowly pulled her tights down, bending over at the waist until could see her entire back and her glorious ass cheeks. She was quite flexible! As she pulled the tights away from her feet and off her cute little toes, stayed bent over. She reached behind her back and undid her bra, letting that fall to the floor as well before she straightened up and faced him, now wearing only her thong.

smiled and walked seductively around 's desk, stopping in front of him, she sat down on the desk and placed her feet on the arms of his chair. Her thong covered pussy was tantalisingly close.

'You know what I need , get on with it.' she said, and leaned forward.

He pushed aside the flimsy lace of the g-string and buried his face in her crotch, his tongue quickly found her clit and she moaned loudly. hoped no one in the main office would hear but he kept going, reaching up with both hands to firmly squeeze her soft tits; they were every bit as perfect as they looked. As got wetter and wetter slowly pushed first two, then three, then four fingers inside her and kept licking as his fingers stroked the inside of her pussy. He found her g spot and stroked hard while simultaneously pressing down firmly on her clit with his tongue. Her legs began to quiver and she screamed as every muscle in her body spasmed and rocked with release, her perfect round ass cheeks slapped up and down on the desk in front of him as her hips rocked with orgasm.

kept as still as he could while came, he could feel her vagina clamping down on his fingers, he waited until her orgasm had almost passed, then he started his licking and finger motions again. almost passed out from the sensation so soon after cumming. She moaned very loudly and was certain everyone on the other side of his office door must have heard what they were up to by now. He stopped what he was doing and pulled 's thong underwear off completely, sliding it down her smooth legs, enjoying the feel of her smooth, glistening skin as he did so. Standing up, he walked around the desk until he was standing by her head, he gently opened her mouth with one hand and put the fingers of his other hand, dripping with her musky pussy juices, inside. He felt her tongue hungrily lapping away her own arousal and his cock achieved the impossible by getting even harder. He withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the damp g-string, stuffing it unceremoniously into her mouth. She coughed slightly but did not resist, next quickly picked up 's tights from the floor where she had left them and used them to tie around her head and mouth, creating a gag.

By this point, was fingering herself, furously rubbing her clit with one hand and plunging the fingers of her other deep into her own snatch.

Returning to his previous position - now that he was satisfied wouldn't be giving the game away anymore - undid his zipper and slowly rammed his stiff cock balls deep into her moist twat. She moaned deeply as he started to thrust in and out of her. 's left hand reached down to stroke his stomach as he pumped in and out of her, the wet slapping noise of his groin smacking into hers was incredibly erotic and he could feel the pressure building in his ballsack.


What next?

          He cums inside her


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