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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 159


Casey tried her wrist and hung her up

She smiled and slapped Rochell ass. She put on some long black gloves, latex and lubed him up. Casey grabbed her by the throat and shoved her fingers in her pussy making her moan

"You remember when I first met you" Casey Said

"How Can I forget"

"I was a bad girl back were danching at a strip club. All the girls wanted you. I saw that thick ass shaking all oiled up and was in love. I paid the bouncer to be alone with you and not interupt no matter what. Then when you were in the backroom I TOOK it..and fucked you harder then you been fucked climax bigger then your climax before. Then when you were exausted and beaten..knew I had you as my bitch

"And why is that" Rochell said with a bit of edge. She saw her juiced drippign down Casey gloves getting close to her skin. Skin contact should do it she thought

Casey pulled her glove out. She spanked her ass

"Because I am stronger...TOUGHER (slap) Stronger (slap) meaner (slap slap) more skilled (Slap Slap) and more dominant"

She spanking Rochell Ass red

"Why Dont you take those gloves off and fist me.....MISTRESS" Rochell Said


is the trap set

          Not yet


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