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Working day | ddd23 | 4


He placed his hands on 's head and gently pushed back until his cock slipped out of her mouth with a 'pop'. Then, standing up, looked down at the beautiful brunette kneeling on the floor in front of him, drool dripping from her red lips. Her brown eyes looked into his and she leaned up to lick the end of his cock.

That did it. His dick erupted in her face, stream after stream of hot, sticky cum spurted out of his cock. The first landed in the middle of her face, leaving a thick string of semen from the tip of her nose to her hair, was taken by surprise and she jerked her head back but was too slow to turn away. The next two spurts of jizz landed on her right cheek and in her eye, then another on her lips, and lost track after that, he had never cum so hard in his life and the sensation seemed to last forever, he closed his eyes and rode the waves of orgasm.

When he opened his eyes and looked down again 's face and hair were plastered with his sperm, one eye was covered and closed, it had gone on her mouth, up her nose, on both cheeks and it was already matting her gorgeous brown hair and dripping from her chin, bouncing off her lace covered tits and landing on her black satin sheathed thighs as she knelt in front of him.


How does she react?


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