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Working day | ddd23 | 2


There was a knock on the office door, glared at it. Who would bother him at this time on a Monday morning?

"Come in."

The door opened quietly and Lucy walked in, closing the door behind her. As her back was turned 's eyes wandered briefly over her firm butt, barely covered by a tight black skirt. He looked up again just in time as Lucy turned to face him. Her voice was a study of repressed tension;

'Sorry to bother you so early in the day, I know you haven't been in long. I just needed somewhere private with a sympathetic ear to vent!'

's face relaxed and he leant back in his chair;

"Don't worry about it, what's up?"

'The boss, as usual. I swear to God sometimes he thinks I'm his personal office eye candy. I caught him staring at my ass last week, he was so obvious about it, like it was his right to be checking me out or something...'

blushed and hoped that Lucy hadn't noticed his own eyes doing exactly the same thing less than five minutes ago. Lucy seemed oblivious and kept talking;

''s disgusting. He's a married man and I'm an employee. I wouldn't be surprised if one day he calls me into his office and orders me to get on my knees and suck him off.'

's face went an even darker shade of red.

"That's terrible, checking out your butt like that, wow."

'I know! It wouldn't be so bad if someone like you were to do that, you know, someone single, and young, and hot.'

cleared his throat and tried to steer the conversation back in a less risque direction;

"Yes, well, thank you for that. Anyway, what do you want to do about it? Shall I call human resources? Do you want me to have a quiet word with him about it?"

'No, nothing like that. He'll probably fire me and it's not worth the risk. I just wish I could do something crazy, something that would show him I'm not an office sex doll...'

's cock began to stir in his pants as Lucy continued;

'...or at least, not *his* office sex doll.'

She was looking directly into 's eyes now, and absent mindedly stroking her right tit through her white shirt.

coughed. He wasn't sure where this was going but his dick was rock hard now.


What happens next?

          He takes charge


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