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It had been a long week, work was becoming a monotonous nightmare and the boss was getting more and more unbearable with every passing day. Everyone suffered through it together, but was rapidly approaching his breaking point. He usually got all of the shitty jobs from the boss, things like 'oh , just go and photocopy this one page document for me would you?' and ', would you phone my wife and tell her I will be late for dinner'.

The only thing keeping sane at this point were his sympathetic co-workers. One of whom in particular was especially supportive, . was a stunning petite brunette in her late twenties, with great legs and ass and perfectly sized breasts. and had a mutual unspoken attraction which had been steadily building as they bonded over the appalling work environment in the last few months.

There were other co-workers as well, Simon, who joked his way through the 'pain' of the daily grind, usually at the boss's expense. Steve, who ignored everything and got his head down - suffering in silence until the clock hit 5 when he would disappear faster than last months pay check. Lucy, the boss's PA - a busty brunette in her early thirties, unhappy at home and jaded at work but a great laugh with a very revealing dress sense (especially at Christmas Parties!). And the new temp, Rosie, who hadn't really got to know yet, but she was a young woman of about 21, tall, blonde, with large boobs an astonishingly tight ass and ridiculously toned sexy legs.

Today, like every day for the past month, was getting down. He had got stuck in traffic on the way to work and arrived half an hour late, by the time he sat down at his desk he was an hour behind and he knew that the boss would breeze in at about 11 o'clock with something urgent to do, like making the tea.

Just as settled into work, there was a knock on his office door...


Who is it?

          Lucy, she is looking for something.

          The sexy co-worker looking for some stress relief


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