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A Very Blended Family | Shendude | 1


Imagine a world that is very much like our own, and yet very different. On the surface everything looks the same. Same technology, similar history, etc. But then we look closer, and we see the differences. We see that there seems to be a few more women than men. A comprehensive census would reveal a ratio of seven to one. And we see that all of those women, and the handful of men, are in some way beautiful. That's not to say everyone is a statuesque Swedish model, but no one could be considered unattractive. And we see that everyone is wearing clothing that accentuates their bodies and flaunts what we would consider “private parts.” In this world, there is no such thing.

And finally we notice that everyone is involved in some sexual act with each other or by themselves, almost constantly. Humans are creatures capable of great physical pleasures, and in this world evolution went down a slightly different route allowing everyone to fully appreciate these pleasures. Diseases transmitted sexually never came in to being. Males evolved the ability to control their sperm, and women could reject any unwanted sperm, thus eliminating the concept of an unwanted pregnancy. And upon puberty everyone developed a voracious sexual appetite. Because of this, the idea of sexual taboos never came into being. Non-consensual and abusive sex simply does not happen as no one could ever fathom of doing such a thing. All women and many men are pan-sexual, and poly-amorous relationships are the norm.

One might imagine that in such a world that the institution of marriage would not exist. You would be wrong. For marriage does still exist, although it is often a bit...different, as in fact are family dynamics in general.

Take for example, the family of Sharona, a high-school English teacher, and her identical twin Michelle, a homemaker. Lovers since childhood, these two MILFs share two husbands. There's George, an older man who is principal of the school where Sharona teaches; and Dennis, their high school sweetheart, a veteran honorably discharge after receiving a leg injury. Dennis, in turn is married to a fellow soldier named Rodrigo, currently deployed (and collecting a small harem of war-brides and relatives thereof). George was married to a woman his own age, named Katrina, but she passed away earlier this year. Michelle was once married to a stripper named Sophie; they divorced amicably some years ago, and Sophie has since remarried. In the last year, Sharona and George have married again, to a student of theirs named Sasha (they do their best to ignore the rumors about her family being involved with the Russian Mob), who is already pregnant with George's child.

Speaking of which, Sharona and Michelle preside over quite a brood of nubile daughters and virile sons. The eldest is Christopher, George and Katrina's son, now in college. Then are Michelle and George's daughters; Maria, leader of the local Goth contingent who is nonetheless dating half the cheer-squad, and her identical twin Cheryl, who enjoys dressing up in boy's clothes and has a different girlfriend or boyfriend every week. The twin theme continues with Michelle's children by Dennis, albeit fraternally, with the brainy and bespectacled Denise and Dennis Jr. who share a small harem of nerds and nerdettes. Sharona, for her part, has produced Dennis' son Jack, once a victim of bullies, now a jock dating the mother of his chief tormentor, and George's daughter Candi, the baby of the family, dating her stepmother Sasha.

Indeed this family is a complex one. But it is nonetheless happy. Being able to fuck each other certainly helps...


Sharona stepped into the kitchen, and spied Michelle bent over the stove, wearing nothing but an apron; as a result, her well-rounded ass was fully on display. Sharona grinned mischievously, crept up behind, and gave her twin's pert derriere a nice healthy smack.

Michelle yelped, and turned around. She gave her sister a look and pecked her on the lips.

"I see you're home from work," she declared. "Just in time to help with mine. There's some vegetables that need cutting."

Sharona nodded, and took off her jacket, leaving herself in a corset and a skirt slit in front to show her pussy. She sat down at the kitchen table and started chopping vegetables. Michelle nodded in satisfaction and got back to work.

"So, sis," the homemaker declared. "Where's that wife of yours?"

Sharona grinned dopily. "I sent her to change. She's wearing that negligee her mother's second wife gave her; it looks great on her, but it isn't exactly suitable for kitchen work."

Michelle grunted. "Well, she'd better hurry. We need all hands on deck. It's big night tonight."

Indeed it was, for tonight they were having company. More specifically...

(OOC: the first two paragraphs were originally written by Stonehammer69)


Who's coming to dinner?


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