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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 174


The two women started to kissed rubbing thiere bodies against each other. Their pussies connected as mama Breast milked dripped down her body

“Damm forgot how good your lips taste” Becky Said

She pushed her fist deep into Mama Pussy, finger her a right spot. She knew she didn’t need to hold back with her sister, which was rare with women she had sex with. Becky sucked Mama Tits knowing they were sensitive. She could take her time because she wasn’t trying to fight her. Mama Warm milk flowed in Becky’s Mouth

“Ohhhhhhhh God yesss” Mama Blushed as she came, gushing warm pussy juice. Becky kissed her letting her taste her own milk

Mama had her against the wall sucking her tits as her fingers explore her a bit more gently. Her soft tits were pressing agasit Becky as Mama Squeezed her ass. Becky moaned as Mama Luv licked her nipples tendering

“Ohhhh God” Becky Whole body blush as she let out an intense multiple climax

“Mmmmm no challenge me like that. We know we can go all out with each other. You’re the best challenge I had sister…made me better..and really pushed me. My true Equal”

“Damm you to. Can go all out with you. Most lovers I have to worry about putting them in traction”

“Sometimes that fun”Mama Said

“How Heelish of you sister” Becky smiled

“Where Luv women..all of have a BIT of a heel inside us. We all dominant..and bit crazy. We know the feeling of fucking someone senseless…picking them up taking control. Knowing you really fucked them good when they cant walk and totally yours. We know a truly dominant oppodent licks the best pussy. But where also protecter. Know you are. You were with me..when we had to take out the Racist side of our stop them from interrupting Casey and Rochell Wedding”

“Damm mmmmmmm hey no matter my Beef with you..those racist fucks always pissed me off more. Plus Like Rochell…like her Sass. Hell even loved Casey…use to bounce her on my knee” Becky Said

“I know…”Mama Said as Becky pushed her down. Both of their face was in each other pussies as the licked one another “Ohhhh fuckkk…yesss. You encourage my daughter to be in the league even when I was to scared.. that was a mistake. You made Timmy stronger by having his back. Even Help Jack as well when I was to stubborn..ohhhh fucking..right there…cummming…shittttt”

Her pussy gushed in Becky Face as she sucked down on Becky pussy causing her body to shake. Becky let out a scream as she came. The two men watch their cocks erect.

"Your a your JOB to worry. I am an Aunt. It my Job to spoil. You remember how piss you were when I brought Jack that motorcycle"

"Oh shit was I" Mama Said

"Dont know how you did. Maybe that why I didnt have kids yet. I know I would be a crazy mother and huge worrier." Becky Said "Dont know if I can devote that much attention. Yea I have Timmy and Petty over..but they tire me out"

“You would be a good parent. Hell you use to protect that Freshmen in the school we went to. Sure you tease and picked on him. But when he dad got home drunk and beat him you near put the guy in the hospital”

“You know Mother…told you she punish me for that. Because she didn’t want you to think violence outside the ring is ok. That and Dad was worried I got to Jail. So mother told you both I was punish..but she took me out to get ice cream..and just told me to go to her first next time”

“Maybe mom wasn’t just a crazy bitch after all” Mama Luv Said

“She had her good moments” Becky Said

Both their bodies were drench in sweat and they were covered in each other pussy juice. The sweat made every one of their muscles and curves glisten

"Our men pretty blue balled..should we let them Join in" Becky Said

"Let them suffer" Mama laugh

"Ooo what a heel I love it" Becky sadi


do they finish up, have more sex, let the boys in or tease them more?

          Have more sex


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