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Create a Wrestler | lilguy31 | 159


The video looks old

It looks like some big arena in some country. People are tossing money around. They were in some 3rd world country

"Everyone this the last fight of the tourment...we have The Champions JACOB THE KILLER. He is a Russian Crime Lord, hitmen and all around devastator...Vs our new rising Champions of Blood sport. MARY THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL"

Jacon knock the microphone out of the announcer hand. He stood..6.7 with a scar across his eye. Tattoos were all over his body.

"Bring out this Girl..this Girl who think she can fight MEN. This Girl who try to free my whores...women who belong to ME"

Mary Came out in a Catholic School girl outfit she looked to be in her teens. She wasn't as muscler but still had her huge tits. She walked down the steps with a microphone

"Didn't want to fight...tried to reason with you but you and your men burn down any orphance or food bank I I will show you GODS wrath..and use the money to rebuild"

"Will see about that WHORE" Jacob Said "Your god is a PUSSY...I spit on your God"

He walked into the cage with a bible and tossed it on the ground. He started to unzipped his pants and piss on it

"This what I think of your God"

Mary Came in the cage with a anger in her eyes. The cage closes. She dodge his first punches and did quick Jabs to the ribs hearing a cracking. She then kicked out his knee. Jack saw her hit harder then her ever did. She did a roundhouse kick and was on top of him punching. Jasob grabbed for her shirt tearing it showing her gigantic breast as she hit back and fourth slapping him with her tits. She smothered him with her huge tits as her legs squeezed around him knocking him out

The scene switch to another scene. It was her in some church in front of some Cardinals. Her head was down in shame. Jack turn it up

"What you did was out of line..and a disgrace to the shirt. We put up with your lewd outfits and wild talk because you were good with the kids and recruitment..but that showing of violence is to much. You put that man in the the hospital..and brought shame to the house of god" A preist Said

"Those guys were burning down every charity house we did...But...I put stop to that" Mary Said

"It is not your place little GIRL" One of them Said "Now only do your dress like a whore but you act like a thug. Fighting..and dressing provacative is no place in the church. God would of provided for the people...they didnt need you"

"God helps those who help themselve..maybe I am instrument of Go..."

"ENOUGH of your blaphamy. Sense your shame to the church was so public...your punshiment will be. Your banned from any missonary drive"


"I suggest you dont make any fuss...otherwise they may be moves to excumuniacate you from the Catholic Church""

"Find...Maybe I leave the church. You dont represent God"


"You sit up in here in your rich houses. While the poor is abuse and mistreated. You do nothing wile sin allowed to fester. Jesus as carpternt..not some rich guy. Mary...the Mother..and The Hooker were Saints..let you treat your women like second class citezens" Mary Said with a Rage "You call me a deviant..let you hide the true Deviants in your church..and cover up their sins"


Mary took off her shirt exposing her breast

"I am made in God image..and this image shouldnt be HIDDEN.

"SHUT THIS CAMERA OFF" One of The Cardnials screamed

"Well that was interesting" Jack Said


does he watch anymore

          He does


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